Technically, Mercato tablets can function with any SIM. However, Mercato’s preferred global SIM cards are part of a remote management plan that has many benefits:


The plans we have ensure that once the allocated data is consumed (if it is), the 4G internet will continue to function normally while it reconfigures to start using available data from the shared data pool allocated to the entire group of activated SIM cards. For example, if 12 SIMs are activated, Mercato receives a data pool of 12 GB per month for the tablets to use. If one of the tablets consumes data above 1 GB, it will start using data from the other 11 GB pool that is allocated to other SIMs but not yet consumed. In summary, the service Mercato uses ensures no tablet ever runs out of 4G data or has its service stopped because it exceeded the allocated data.


The data platforms Mercato uses provides access to a central dashboard that allows monitoring of all activated SIM cards, their status, and if they are in use. It is also easy to activate and deactivate SIMs and find information about their usage.


All tablets are activated before despatch allowing for a post, plug and play solution. SIMs not approved by Mercato cannot be pre-activated as part of the configuration process, thereby compromising the compliance of the configuration process as well as changing the user experience. 


Without approved SIMs, Mercato can’t guarantee continuous data supply. If using unapproved SIMs, a plan that ensures a 4G service that doesn’t stop or slow down the speed once the allocated data for each SIM card is required. Mercato has no way of monitoring the status of the SIM card service and the individual SIMs.